Version 1.0: New menu and bugfixes

When I stumbled upon the "How have you been?" Game Jam, I had a rather stressful week (or just generally not my best time) and thinking about how I could turn these feelings into a video game gave me a sudden influx of many ideas. Usually my attempts at making a video game take countless years and end nowhere. This time I wanted to get it through, and that this project was my most uncomplicated one also helped a lot. And there were no rankings anyway, most already uploaded games looked simple, so I felt I had nothing to lose.

As there wasn't much time till the end of the game jam, my work has been very rushed and there were many features that I wanted to have in the game, but didn't manage to bring them to reality quickly enough. The most important feature that was missing was a menu to pause the game and to have a comfortable way of returning to the main menu or to load a game quickly. Additionally to that, I made the original text box design in just a few minutes and it looked really ugly. So I decided today to spend a few hours trying to experiment with various text box designs until I felt somewhat satisfied with its look. And I tried getting rid of any bugs that I could find. As this version feels more polished and complete, I'm going to call it Version 1.0.

In the near future, I intend to make further additions of things that I wanted to have, but couldn't get into it, in the short time till the end of the game jam.  Among the things I want to add are more different enemy types, more areas, a much larger amount of days and some type of more complex system of reaching areas, though this last thing is something I'm still thinking about.

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Jul 10, 2018

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