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One day you wake up as a large bug. Other than that, everything is as gray and monotonous as it used to be. Crawl around the building to discover its secrets, or just crawl around your own room. Spew acid to defend yourself against attacks from other insects, but be careful as attacking reduces your health. Once it gets darker, you can return to your room and go sleeping. Each day something changes.


This current version is a bugfixed version of what I submitted for the "How Have You Been?" game jam with some minor improvements. I think it already conveys relatively well the feelings I wanted to convey. But I had far more ideas than I could realize in the short time. So I intend to overhaul the game completely in the near future.

The first step of overhauling the game will be Version 1.10. There I plan to introduce a greater variety of enemies, an extended ending and a food system to replenish health.

Install instructions

Just unzip the crawl.zip.


crawl_v1.03.zip 18 MB

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